We see people as our greatest assets, hence this is our value number one.

“K” Line LNG UK believes in heart-count rather then head-count so making an environment where people can work happily is very important to us. We believe developing our employees is directly linked to a successful future of our company.
Our culture allows all our employees to proactively make suggestions for improvement and we listen to each other’s suggestions openly.

“What makes our corporate culture so strong is the continuous ongoing work, involving shore staff and onboard crew regardless of rank”
Aleksander Ceranic
Chief Engineer

Personal Development
A company keen to develop and invest in employees so every individual can reach full potentials.

Our people motivate each other so we achieve our goal proactively. Leaders understand the importance of empowering.

Working Environment
In “K” Line LNG UK, people are inspired to start work everyday and feel safe during work and fullfilled after work.

Our people trust at all levels within the company or with external partner. We share knowledge and experience without barriers.

Is dilligent in risk assessment and loyal to company procedures. Safety is never compromised. Shares own mistakes openly in order for colleagues to learn.

“I have learned that my observations and opinions are valued and I am encouraged to speak up about anything to anyone about matters that concern me and the company. Everyone is respected equally”
Abby Marshall
Purchasing Officer